CPR for Healthcare Providers (BLS)

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CPR for Healthcare Providers

Authorized by the American Heart Association, this course incorporates CPR and AED use with emphasis towards caring for the patient in the healthcare setting.

  • Online learning at your own pace: 2 hours
  • Instructor-guided practice in the classroom: 2 hours

Certification in CPR for the Healthcare Provider is a requirement for EMTs and most individuals working in the healthcare field.

Are you also a Peace Officer? 5 POST credits available.

We Make It Easy to Get Certified

  • Register and complete the online training
  • Attend the CPR skills session
  • Receive your CPR certification card electronically

Special Instructions:

12 Week EMT students: You will be offered a CPR class to be scheduled after the start of your EMT course. Do not register until we instruct you to do so.

Self-Paced Online EMT students: Register for CPR within the same application for Skill Week.

EMT or EMR Refresher students: Register for CPR within your refresher application.

cpr class
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