EMR Recertification - FAQs


Our founder is a physician who was an EMT first. He recognized that the methods used to train physicians could be applied to EMS education. By doing so, we’re able to achieve superior student outcomes in less time than traditional healthcare schools.

Since 2010, we have graduated thousands of students that love their experience with Allied. Read some of their reviews here.

We do things differently than the other training programs. We provide a higher level of detailed attention to our students and our curriculum design. As a small company made up of dedicated professionals, EMS training is our main focus. We do our best to ensure every student has a positive experience in the course.

Unlike other training programs that don’t return your calls or emails, we strive for excellent customer service. We value your time and make the registration process quick, easy, and completely online.

Read more about our story and methods here.

The renewal application is completed online with the Minnesota EMSRB. Instructions are located here.

No, because Minnesota does not currently require EMRs to complete a skill exam nor complete any training in a physical classroom space to renew. However, we do include video resources in the online course you will review to refresh your knowledge of these skills.

If you are not currently working as an EMR and would like to get hands-on with the skills and equipment, you can contact us to set up a skills training session to review all the skills.

It is not required that you have current CPR certification to be a licensed EMR in Minnesota, but you can still take our CPR course if you want to renew your certification. We offer CPR class for $80. You’ll be able to select that option when you register for the refresher course.

The EMR Refresher Course takes 16 hours to complete, which fulfills Minnesota’s requirement for the length of the refresher course.

The course is entirely self-paced. You can log in at any time to work on the material. You have up to 6 months access to complete the course. Note that if you are nationally certified as an EMR and want to renew that certification, you may be required to complete live online sessions via Zoom (in addition to the self-paced online content) depending on your expiry year.

We have recorded video presentations based on topic areas relevant to a practicing EMR, along with a quiz for each presentation. 

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