California EMT Refresher Course



Our founder is a physician who was an EMT first. He recognized that the methods used to train physicians could be applied to EMS education. By doing so, we’re able to offer the most convenient recertification courses, better learning materials, and a great online learning experience.

Since 2010, thousands of EMTs have loved their experience learning with Allied. See reviews here.

As a small company made up of dedicated professionals, EMS training is our only focus. We do our best to ensure every student has a positive experience in the course.

Our team is available to help you via email and phone. We value your time and make the registration process quick, easy, and completely online.

And to top it off, we guarantee the course! 

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Right away! Within moments of submitting your registration and payment online, you should receive an email with access to your learning account.

If your course tuition is being sponsored by an organization, access will be sent as soon as your organization approves the quote we email to them. 

Yes! Since our training is nationally accredited by CAPCE, the California state EMS Authority (EMSA) has confirmed they accept our courses.

Upon finishing the course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion containing all of the information your local EMS agency should need to verify your training.  

Regardless of the amount of time you have lapsed, all EMTs are required to complete an EMT Skills form and (most likely) a new background check in addition to the requirements below.

Lapsed <6 months:

Our 24 hour course is still all that you need to complete the continuing education requirement. 

Lapsed 6 months to <12 months:

You will need a total of 36 hours of continuing education. We have a 36 hour course available that you may choose when registering.

Lapsed >12 months:

You will need a total of 48 hours of continuing education plus:

  • Proof of passing the NREMT cognitive and psychomotor exams within the past 2 years


  • Current NREMT certification

A 12+ month lapsed California EMT may take our 36-hour course, but will need to obtain an additional 12 hours of continuing education from another source. For more information about lapsed recertification, visit the California EMSA website.


No worries. You’re able to attempt each quiz twice. When you submit a quiz, the correct answer will be provided along with an explanation. Our method isn’t to test you just for the sake of evaluating, it’s also to introduce another learning opportunity.

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