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I took the self-paced online EMT class. Amazing instruction from start to finish. Professional environment, and a staff that is there to help you succeed!
-Josh H.
Great course! Online format was convenient and lessons were informative. Online course itself was intuitive and hassle-free. Allied Medical was very responsive to questions, even at odd hours. Test session was well organized and testers were sharp and knowledgeable. Would recommend course to anyone in need of a Minnesota EMT refresher.
I also wanted to thank you for everything. This course was the best course I’ve ever taken. I think I studied more in the last 3 months than I did in all of college. Thanks for all your help.
-Kalyn H.
Got my passing NREMT results this morning! Thanks for everything, you are one of the most amazing group of instructors out there. I hope to get the privilege to work with some you one day.
-Andrew W.
I want to thank you all for such a smooth and efficient course. My instructor, Pete Johnson, was fun, professional, and responsive to all learning needs.
-Alex B.
I just want to say Thanks to Allied Medical Training for the awesome training. My experience was really good. Gabe was an amazing instructor and everyone that helped out were great as well. Thank you again.
-Tosh L.
The biggest things I took away from this program were real situational knowledge and compassion! Great program, I recommend it to everyone.

I remember going through a scenario in class where a man’s wife had been feeling sick for a few days and downplayed it & refused to go to the hospital. Eventually the husband didn’t listen and called an ambulance but she didn’t make it. My instructor asked us what we would have said to the husband. Some students in my group responded with medical jargon or didn’t know what to say but others responded with compassionate answers. The instructor said that if we don’t have any sort of compassion for our patients then our knowledge is useless basically. That was a big takeaway for me!

Anyways, a personal update. I went on to pass the NREMT first try, I am now a volunteer firefighter/EMT for Osseos Fire department, and recently got an EMT job through Life Tech Corp. I will be applying to PA schools after this year as well.

THANK YOU ALLIED! Your program was amazing! I’ll be coming back within the next couple of weeks to renew my CPR and then renew my EMT cert. over winter.
-Naomi K.

After successfully completing the NREMT exam, I could tell that I was very well prepared by Allied Medical Training and in many respects felt the testing was more strenuous from Allied than the actual NREMT exam. It was a lot of work, but AMT made the process clear and thoughtfully presented. Thanks!
-Anonymous course survey
I appreciate the education I received through Allied and will advocate for others from my department to utilize you all in the future. Thanks again … Gabriel did an excellent job keeping engagement and attention and also did a nice job challenging us.
I am pleased to tell you that I passed the NREMT exam! I would like to say thank you, to you and all of your staff for the training and support given to me during my time as a student at Allied Medical Training. Having a fun, outgoing, and very experienced instructor like Jennifer made the class fun and very valuable. I believe the Schoology assignments and tests prepared me very well for the NREMT exam. Thank you for everything!
-Xavier G.
Very helpful instructors and volunteers. The online course being do it at your own pace is very stress-free and convenient. Videos very good details and descriptions of anatomy and physiology in general and during medical and tramautic emergencies.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
I recently completed the initial EMT course with Allied, and passed my NREMT exam.

I chose to attend the 3 month AMT course in lieu of a traditional technical college course, because I wanted to enter the field as soon as possible. I was initially somewhat concerned with how it would be possible for them to teach students all of the necessary skills and knowledge required to be an EMT, in such a short amount of time.

The instructors and staff at AMT are outstanding and professional. I was able to learn and retain the material at the brisk pace that the course sets. When it came time to test, I felt very confident in every portion. The NREMT, which I have heard so many horror stories from others who attended various tech colleges, was extremely easy compared to the standard that AMT holds it’s students to. Thank you for offering such a great avenue for me to begin my career in EMS!

Note: My instructors were Pete, Patty, and Wendy. Thank you for being so awesome!
-Al P.

The website is self explanatory. This is my 2nd time taking the refresher course through Allied Medical.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
There was a lot of detail, and the videos did a very good job of explaining everything rather than having to read a textbook and figure everything out from there.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
Not only did this [EMT Initial] course both prepare me extremely well for the NREMT exam but it also left me feeling very comfortable with my skills. Jennifer is an amazing and super knowledgable teacher, and her sense of humor combined with her stories from her own experience as an EMT made the class super fun. I will definitely be taking my refresher course at Allied, and I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in becoming an EMT!
– Grace S.
Skills testing instructors were excellent, knowledgeable and encouraging.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
The instructors were extremely smart and excellent teachers. They were as good as any of my professors at college. I just went on a tour while interviewing at a PA school and they have simulation labs similar to what we practiced at Allied. I feel that I have an advantage going into PA school with the knowledge and skills practice from Allied’s EMT class. I was well prepared for the NREMT exam and had no difficulty passing on the first try.
– Marie B.
As training officer, I can recommend this refresher course to any of our squad members and feel confident they will learn something new.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
The experience was fantastic! I have never been in a classroom environment that made the material so interesting and lively. Instructors were fantastic, friendly and encouraging, but were not afraid to relay worldly experiences and difficulties that they have experienced. Overall, great class.
– Max T.
After I earned my EMT certification I decided to volunteer as an EMT in Minneapolis to become more involved in the community. I had the opportunity to care for a diverse population and apply knowledge from science classes. I’ve learned how to respond in an emergency, communicate with people in distress, and use technology in patient care. Working with a multifaceted team, I have come to appreciate the importance of varied viewpoints and experiences in treatment of patients, as well as the significance of educating the community on preventative measures. These skills have already proven very valuable in medical school.
– Amelia B.
Allied EMT Grad and 2018 MD Candidate
The information was great and very complete. Way more in-depth than a regular refresher course and very professionally put together. I would highly recommend that every other refresher be through Allied Medical regardless of where you would normally take a refresher course. I learned some things that I didn’t even get in my original EMT course–great experience.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
Just wanted to thank you all again for all the work you put into the EMT course this summer. I’m happy to announce that I passed my NREMT exam and I couldn’t have done it without you and the Allied Medical team.
– Madeline B.
The skills session was impressive. Instructors were great and wanted to see you succeed.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
Allied Medical Training was one of my best school experiences. They make it easy to understand the material and their wide range of experience helps to put it all into perspective. I also wanted to let you know I passed my NREMT in under 100 questions…I had my orientation tonight for the Fire Department and they told me that I will be fast tracked through the training process and probably be in a rig in 6 weeks, so thank you for all the help.
– Chris M.
Most items very well presented, very well done – I learned a lot I either did not remember from the initial class, or that wasn’t even covered.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
I had a terrific learning experience. The classroom practice sessions prepared us well for the psychomotor evaluations, and the online tutorials were good review for the assigned chapters.
– Chad K.
I wanted to say thank you for the class you provided and I am glad we decided to use Allied. I passed my National EMT test yesterday and I know your course made it easier. I will recommend future employees of the Excelsior Fire District and anyone else looking to take the EMT class. Again, thank you and please let Athena know she was a great teacher.
– Will V.
Excelsior Fire District
The course was exactly what you would expect from a good refresher and the scenario based testing is done in a very relaxed fashion. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Jennifer made the class very entertaining and I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she put into the course.
– Lauren B.
I was able to do most of the work online. staff at the skills test were nice and professional. web based learning was easy to understand and go through.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
Thank you for the EMT refresher program, I would like to comment on the professionalism of Gabriel as an instructor, he is an asset to training center.
– Clinton L.
I absolutely loved the EMT class offered by Allied Medical Training. Jennifer and Dave have a gift for inspiring learning in a relaxed and inclusive environment. The material was covered in a personal way, with references to real-life scenarios, which made the absorption of the course content that much easier. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone seeking EMT certification. Joanne, Sean and all others involved should be immensely proud of their operation.
– Niall E.
The lectures are very through. I love the ability that you can pauses and review what was covered.
– Anonymous refresher course survey
I really enjoyed the program, and Jennifer is an awesome instructor. I will definitely be using Allied for my renewals. Thanks again for all your help throughout he semester, and I will be recommending Allied to all of my friends who are looking into EMT-B.
– Tanner L.
This course has been a really wonderful experience. I haven’t actually been excited about something since sometime in college, and that was quite some time ago now. My clinical rotation in particular was a life changing experience, and the course as a whole was wonderful. So, to understate things, thank you! Know that you have a very happy and thankful student!
– Anonymous student evaluation
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed learning from both of you! It was very apparent that you are both very passionate about what you do, which of course makes for the best instructors. Everyone really went above and beyond to be helpful. It was a great class and I will definitely recommend it.
– Jennifer B.
Thanks so much for all your help today. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely refresh with Allied Medical Training again.
– Mark M.
I particularly liked the quality of online lectures. Informative, relative and concise. It was challenging enough to feel like I needed to work for it – just what a good refresher should be. The practical was a perfect balance of review and hands on practice in a relaxed and yet highly informative setting. The instructors were great.
– Rick A.
Excellent quality of discussion and plenty of hands-on time. This course was very true to it’s claims of a relaxed test. Lectures were put together well and a good balance of informative and brief. Instructors were knowledgeable and approachable.
– Anonymous course evaluation
Thank you so much for everything. I really loved the class and Jennifer was amazing.
– Gunnar Y.
Fun and informative, very very useful. Well run keep up the good work.
– Greg J.
I loved taking the class with you guys and would recommend it to others!
– Emily T.
I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two different Paramedic Schools in the Southern/Central WI area…I’d like to thank you again for my experience with Allied. I was fully prepared for the NREMT, and was able to rely on the experiences shared by the instructors, specifically Jennifer, for guidance in regards to the professionalism needed during my Paramedic School Interview. I feel the insight gained in class as well as my confidence in what the instructors had conveyed as helping overcome my complete lack of experience.
– Thomas H.
I was very pleased with the course. The instructors were knowledgeable, approachable, and interactive. Not only did I learn what I needed to in order to recertify but left with many other little nuggets to help in the field.
– Dan L.
I liked how understanding the instructors were. They were very helpful and definitely helped with the hands on portion of it.
– Anonymous course survey
I really like the fact that you offer a hybrid course. I like completing the course materials online. Only having one day of classroom instruction/testing is great.
– Anonymous course survey
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