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Become an EMT or EMR

Initial Certification Courses

EMR Course

Emergency Medical Responder

allied medical training

The entry-level medical certification for prospective firefighters and police officers.

EMT Course

Emergency Medical Technician

allied medical training

Get the knowledge, skills, and confidence to handle life-threatening emergencies.

Recertification Courses

EMR Recertification

16 Hour Online Course

Recertification training completed online at your own pace.

EMT Recertification

40 Hours of Online NCCP Topics

allied medical training

Accredited by CAPCE and accepted by the NREMT.

Transform Into A Healthcare Professional

allied medical training

"A truly life-changing experience."

"The best course I've ever taken."

"Amazing instruction from start to finish."

Accreditation & Approvals

allied medical training

Allied Medical Training is institutionally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) to provide virtual online continuing education. This accreditation is accepted by the NREMT and most states.

We're an approved EMS training program with the Minnesota EMRSB, our EMT courses lead to EMS certification by the NREMT. Our courses are also approved for continuing education credits with the Minnesota POST Board.

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