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It’s hard to believe that we are already coming up on our seventh year in business. The incredible journey began with just a few EMT classes as a new allied health program in 2010 to having graduated thousands of students in the last seven years. I’ve been proud to hear from many of our graduates working in the field and employers remarking how consistently well prepared they are to succeed.

The last year was marked by preparing for a change in EMT refresher requirements, launching a new type of EMT class, and making a lot of adjustments to our website.

New Refresher Requirements

Much of 2016 was dominated by navigating the new EMT refresher requirements from both the NREMT and Minnesota. Unfortunately, the roll out of these requirements was not entirely smooth, resulting in several new developments late into 2016 when the state issued a new set of revised guidelines.

But it all came together in the last few weeks in December, allowing us to launch three new refresher courses: our traditional 24 hour refresher, the new 48 hour online CE option, and the new NCCP course for NREMT recertification.

In addition, we are proud to announce a satisfaction guarantee for all our refresher courses.

New Online EMT Course

Another successful initiative was to start offering our EMT class in a new format. This makes EMT training more accessible to out-of-town students and those needing a more flexible schedule.

Our new Self-Paced Online EMT course allows students up to 6 months to complete all the online training at their own pace.

Once they have finished that, they come for 7 full consecutive days to complete Skill Week, where they learn all the same skills taught in the traditional course.

Website Changes

After much reflection, we released new mission and vision statements. This was part of an overall redesign of our website pages and registration forms.

Continued Work

What’s next in 2017? We are working on exciting new courses such as EKG Interpretation and NREMT Exam Prep.

Another exciting thing to anticipate is the creation of a dedicated website for The Allied Times. There you’ll be able to keep up with EMS through our original content, connect with the community via discussion forums, and explore our career resource center.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out and let us know what you’re working on this year.

Best wishes for 2017,
Sean Ewen, MD Founder & Executive Director Allied Medical Training

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