Demystifying the Minnesota EMT Refresher Requirements


Minnesota has adopted the NREMT’s National Continued Competency Plan (NCCP). Great, another acronym to remember. Whenever you see “NCCP,” think NREMT refresher requirements.

The full NCCP is 40 hours, and those hours are broken down into 3 components: NCCR (national – 20 hours), ICCR (individual – 10 hours), and LCCR (local – 10 hours).

What does this adoption mean for Minnesota EMTs? Basically, all Minnesota EMTs will eventually need to maintain their NREMT certification. But the deadline to become NREMT certified isn’t until 2036 – that’s right, over a decade from now.

So if you don’t think you’ll be maintaining your license past 2036 and your employer doesn’t require NREMT certification, you can choose to maintain only your Minnesota license for awhile.

Want to get your NREMT certification back? Then you’ll need the NCCP course (40 hours), BLS certification, and completion of both a state-approved psychomotor exam and the cognitive exam.

Both NREMT and Minnesota

The premise behind these options is that Minnesota accepts NREMT certification. If you get your NREMT certification renewed first, you do not need to provide any details about your refresher training to Minnesota. Just provide your current NREMT certification number on your Minnesota renewal application and the EMSRB will verify your status. This saves you from having to enter your refresher education twice.

1. Complete the NCCP Education Requirements

This is the same course mentioned above. Complete it and submit your renewal application with the NREMT documenting your class time. Then submit your NREMT certification number to Minnesota or document your NCCP class time in your Minnesota renewal application.

There is NO requirement for a formal NREMT skills exam nor the NREMT cognitive exam with this method.

Read more about our NCCP course here.

2. Take the NREMT cognitive exam again

People who don’t have the time to take an NCCP course can just take the NREMT exam again. It’s conducted at computer testing centers across the country, and the current cost is $80.

When you receive your updated NREMT certification card, you’ll submit your NREMT certification number to Minnesota as proof.

When you log into your certification page on the NREMT website, there is a link in the left menu to recertify by exam. It’s unclear whether this option will still be available after 2018.

There is NO requirement for the NREMT skills exam.

BLS/CPR Requirement

Minnesota law still requires all EMTs to maintain their BLS certification. So plan to renew your CPR no matter which refresher option you choose.

Still Have Questions?

EMSRB staff and Allied Medical Training can help answer your questions. Let us know your specific situation, and we can help to determine the best option to renew your EMT certification.


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Sean Ewen, MD, NREMT Founder & Executive Director Allied Medical Training

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