Many EMTs are already familiar with the standards for refreshing their license every two years. Up until March 31, 2016, taking a 24-hour refresher course and completing a formal skills exam fulfilled the MN EMSRB standards for license renewal. For those renewing their NREMT certification as well, it required the MN standards in addition to 48 hours of CEUs or re-taking the cognitive exam.

Now, if your license expires in 2017 or later, the standards are changing for both the NREMT and the MN EMSRB.

The NREMT has introduced the NCCP (National Continued Competency Program) as the new recertification model that is based on three categories of continuing education for a total of 40 hours of education:

  • National (NCCR): 20 hours
  • State/Local: 10 hours
  • Individual: 10 hours

All EMTs expiring on March 31, 2017 or later will be required to complete the NCCP as their refresher course for both NREMT and EMSRB renewal.

Since Allied Medical Training has excelled in online EMS education since we started nearly seven years ago, we are currently seeking authorization from the EMSRB to offer as much of the NCCP online as possible for the convenience of EMT refreshers. Until we hear of their decision, we cannot offer any dates or options for those EMTs who expire in 2017.

We hope to have more information and have a plan in place for our updated refresher course soon, and the course up and running by early 2017.

Please check our website as we move into 2017 for more details regarding the refresher course for those expiring in 2017 and later. For those who expired in 2016 or earlier, we will still be offering the 24-hour refresher with the skills exam and transition materials.

In the meantime, if you have not maintained NREMT certification but did have it in the past, you can re-certify now under the Mark King Initiative without having to retake the cognitive exam.

If your expiration is March of 2017, then do the following:

  • Login to
  • Click on Mark King Initiative on left side menu
  • Pay the $15 fee
  • Complete the questions and you’re done!

If your expiration is March of 2018, then wait until 6 months before that expiration and follow the same instructions above.