Meet AMT: Chris H.

We interview our staff members for details on their EMS journey.

When/why did you first become interested in working in the EMS field?

I was somewhat of a late arrival to the field of EMS, but there was always a seed, a whisper almost, nudging me in the direction of becoming a First Responder in some way.

I had tried a number of other things, including the military, college, and working in the human services. Then I saw an ad in the newspaper (remember those?) that the Minneapolis Fire Department was hiring. I thought, “This is it!”

I was eventually hired on after about a 2 year journey of physical training, preparation and waiting. I was a Firefighter; best job in the world!

Tell us about your experience in the EMS field. What jobs have you had?

I was a Firefighter/EMT for the City of Minneapolis for 30 years. Early on, I was surprised to learn that over 70% of our calls are EMS related. I wanted to get better at that part of it.

Five years into my career, I was invited to become a part time instructor with Hennepin EMS Education. It was an invaluable opportunity to stay sharp at my EMT skills as well as remain current with new developments in the field. I also found that I enjoyed teaching.

What is the most rewarding part about working in EMS?

I think the variety of calls makes the job very interesting. I was also blessed with some great crews where we had a camaraderie that is found nowhere else. However, the most rewarding part of working in EMS is knowing that you’re making a difference. Everyday you’re bringing Comfort to someone in pain, providing Hope to the fearful and even, at times, helping lead someone back from death to Life. No better feeling.

What is your favorite part about working for Allied Medical Training?

When I went through EMT class our textbook was on a tablet; a clay tablet! Anyway, I’ll never forget my instructor. He was knowledgeable, clear, humorous and approachable. I remember at the beginning being overwhelmed at the volume of information. He assured us not to worry, if we did the work it’ll all come together. And it did.

Here at Allied, the students come in at the beginning of the week, some a bit overwhelmed. But as the week progresses you witness something like a veil being lifted from their eyes. It starts to click. That’s my favorite part. That’s because the program here at AMT is well-organized, clear in its expectations, the instructors are knowledgable and approachable, and some of us even think we’re funny!

If you could give advice to someone looking to become an EMT, what would you tell them?

Advice? I would say, bring your best, in knowledge, skills, and attitude. Those you serve and with whom you serve deserve that. Then, be gentle and compassionate to those around you and to yourself. There are going to be bad calls. Tragic calls. Remember, you didn’t cause the problem, you’re trying to make it better. It doesn’t always work out, so look after yourself and your crew. Be safe. Come home to your loved ones.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Superpower. You, mean other than becoming a Paramedic? I’d like to be able to swim and breathe underwater, except without the gills. My wife would’t like the gills.

Thanks, Chris!

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